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Screen Printing Ovens
  • Three AP 27 MPM In-line Screen Printers
  • One MPM SPM High Speed Screen Printer
  • Four 1800 EXL Heller 8 Zone Confection Reflow Ovens
Pick And Place SMT Test & Inspection
  • Two Topaz Assembleon High Speed Chipshooters
  • One Orion Assembleon High Speed Chipshooter
  • Three EmeraldX Assembleon BGA and Unique Component Placement Machines
  • Two Opal- XII Assembleon High Speed Chipshooters
  • Two Topaz X Assembleon High Speed Chipshooters
  • CS100AC Faxitron X-Ray Inspection for BGA
  • Four RTI 6500 CRT AOI Inspection Units
  • KIC Temperature Profiler
  • DRS24 Air-Vac BGA Rework Station
  • DRS22 Air-Vac SMT Rework Station


Surface Mount Equipment

Contract Manufacturing

Surface Mount Assembly
State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment allows us to provide quick turnaround on orders while maintaining our competitive edge. All products are manufactured in our modern 20,000 square foot facility located in San Diego, California.